December 5, 2018

Spiritual awakening occurs when your frightened or confused self is able to transcend into a higher level of consciousness, attaining a state of awareness that is filled with peace and love. It is entirely different from being enlightened, which pertains to developing an intellectual understanding of ultimate religious principles. Seeking spiritual awakening can be a great way to discover and become more aware of yourself and feel a connection with the world around you. There are different ways to discover this, such as participating in spiritual workshops focused on the awakening process. Check that it is offered by a credible and trustworthy specialist.

When choosing a spiritual awakening workshop, make sure that it does not impose religious teachings and never advocates religious conversion. Moreover, it should not encourage incorporating their philosophy with other spiritual teachings and new age innovations. Their focus should only be on their practice to God-consciousness and self-realization, with an objective to provide you with the absolute truth without being influenced by jargon and ‘fluff.’ This way, you are not distracted from your quest to attain spiritual awakening.

Some of the best workshops are an intensive two-hour experiential event that uplifts personal vibrations down the line. It lets you realize your full potential as you deepen your connection with the Absolute. Anyone can participate in the workshop, regardless of your age or profession, as long as you think that you are ready to awaken and transform yourself. Do keep in mind that a spiritual awakening may or may not occur immediately; you will know if it has occurred when you gain a changed state of perception. It is a moment when you feel like your soul has awakened to a new awareness, with a refreshed perception of your world.

Discovering your spiritual awakening is a crucial step to getting out of a frightened and confused state, especially if your current lifestyle is causing you to self-destruct or do harm to others. You do not have to be a religious person or an avid church-goer to awaken. As long as you are unencumbered by doctrines and dogma, enjoy spiritual freedom, try to do good, and you are willing to let go of feelings of confusion, fear, and guilt, you can be a good candidate for a spiritual awakening.

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Kosmic Fusion is a non-religious worldwide movement towards a world makeover. We follow & practice our path to Self-realization and God-consciousness. Over the years participants of our workshops have resolved severe Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual blocks by identifying, addressing and resolving core issues with our Silent Transmissions. We engage with people from all walks of life and belief systems, and our workshops & events are attended by range of people from diverse background, who are interested in exploring spirituality to Awaken, Transform & Transcend perceived limitations.


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