The Beginner’s Guide to Using Multifunctional Tools

September 14, 2018

Power tools let you do your building projects successfully and excellently. But what if a power tool could do more? What if your power tool can slice, trim, cut wood, and even remove rust from iron? Work will be easier and faster, wouldn’t it?

 A multi-oscillating tool is one example of multifunctional power tools that every DIY enthusiast and serious professional constructor worker should have. It is so versatile that it can handle all types of fixing and building projects. Featuring interchangeable accessories, this multifunctional tool offers the utmost convenience while ensuring quality work. In fact, it can slice through whatever type of material like wood, metal, cement, plastic, and fiberglass.

 How a multi-oscillating tool works?

 This tool cuts through by moving side-to-side very fast. The saw blade is attached for cutting, sewing, trimming, and also for scraping or sanding wood. It also comes with various attachments to perform different types of tasks.

 Different types of blades

 A straight blade is more appropriate for straight cuts and plunge cuts. It can make a clean and precise cut. But if you are doing long and linear cuts, a round blade can give you cleaner results. Meanwhile, when installing a new floor, attach the flush-cutting blade. It will slice through the door jams with less effort, so you can install your tiles immediately.

 Other incredible uses of a multi-oscillating tool

 Removing paint with a steel scraper blade, prying off wood, removing grout—these are just some of the many other situations where you can use a multi-oscillating tool. Just remember, though, to fit the right attachment or blades to achieve the best results. Also, be careful in using this tool. Don’t press down too hard or exert too much force when cutting or sanding as this will affect the quality of your work as well as the tool’s motor.

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