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December 6, 2018

Phone numbers used to be nothing more than a sequence of digits that serve as an “address” for routing calls. When they were first invented and used, phone numbers were short, ranging between one and three digits, which makes them easier to communicate orally to switchboard operators whenever calls are initiated. As telephone systems grew and became more interconnected to include worldwide communication, phone numbers also grew longer. Additionally, they extended their use beyond phone systems as they began to be applied on other devices like pagers, fax machines, and even computer modems. Even as landlines, pagers, and traditional modems have now fallen out of use in favour of digital connections and mobile phones, phone numbers remain useful. In fact, a lot of users even choose to fancy mobile number in place of their network-issued number either to keep their digits unique or make them easier to remember. Fancy mobile numbers are more beneficial than they appear, in addition to staying unique, below are even more reasons why mobile users choose to buy fancy mobile number:


  • Unique mobile numbers that you choose for yourself or your business offer the benefit of an easier to memorise a string of digits that your family, friends, and customers will be able to remember at the drop of a hat.
  • You can create a personalized combination that will be a lot simpler for people to remember or choose a set of numbers that mean something to you, personally so that your closest family and friends can easily associate the number with your personality or identity—these could be a combination of your favourite digits, birth date, or even your lucky number and other relevant sets of digits that you want to use as your contact number.
  • For business purposes, fancy mobile numbers can also be beneficial as they look great on letterheads, websites, and business cards. This can help encourage people to call and initiate contact.
  • Buying fancy mobile number is also a great way to keep a particular combination of numbers as your unique phone number for the rest of time.


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