Oral Examination Processes a Dentist in Englewood NJ Performs

December 6, 2018

A dentist in Englewood NJ undertakes oral examination to evaluate dental health. It includes visually inspecting your mouth, neck, and head to detect irregularities. This is an essential dental procedure and has numerous benefits like –

Prevents cavities

Your teeth build up whitish film over time with the consumption of food, even though you brush and floss regularly. These acidic substances wear out tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay as well. If these are unattended for long, these result in cavities and other serious dental problems.

Stops premature tooth loss

That built-up plaque leads to gum diseases. As these diseases become prevalent and the plaque advances towards the root, they destroy your jaws’ supporting bones. This is a common reason for tooth loss among adults.

However, if you maintain your schedule with a dentist in Englewood NJ, then the chance of tooth loss is greatly reduced.

Freshens breath

Oral hygiene is a determining factor concerning bad breath. Therefore, regular dental check-ups can effectively keep this problem at bay along with promoting healthy dental conditions.

Cosmetic dentist in Englewood NJ says that oral examination can aid in brightening smile and improving appearance. That’s because the procedure entails removing build-up stains and freshly polishing your teeth.

Various oral examination processes:

1.Dental cleaning

Regular visits to the dentists involve two parts – check-up and cleaning. While the former inspects all-comprehensive oral health, the latter removes tartar and plaque build-up and polishes your teeth as well.

Oral prophylaxis, the other name for dental cleaning, uses specialized instruments that gently remove those deposits and do not harm your teeth in the process. Dentist in Englewood NJ uses ultrasonic appliances that emit vibrations in their first step of dental cleaning. These help in loosening larger tartar pieces. Next, the specialists use hand tools that assist in manually removing smaller deposits. Finally, you’re left with a smoother and whiter tooth surface.

2.Root planing and scaling

Both of these are non-surgical procedures that help in curing gum diseases. The scaling method entails the usage of customized dental instruments that effectively remove deposits and plaque underlying the mouth gums. Root planning, on the other hand, involves smoothening the teeth roots, which is essential after completing the scaling procedure. Planing aids in gum healing and reattaching with the cleaner root surfaces.

3.Mouth guards

Cosmetic dentist in Englewood NJ designs customized mouth guards for many athletes. These protect their gum and teeth while they practice or during tournaments. Mouth guards are essential for them who play contact sports as these effectually prevent damages of gums, teeth, arches, and lips. Athletes must use the custom-made mouth guards as only proper fittings can reduce dental injury severities.


If none of these restorative procedures work, then dentists suggest removing the damaged tooth via extraction. However, one shouldn’t be terrified of this procedure. Specialists use anaesthesia to numb the area after which the dentist uses his/her quick hands to loosen the tooth from the jawbone and remove it.

Therefore, ensure you go to a dentist in Englewood NJ for regular check-ups and do the necessary to maximize your oral health.

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