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Is buying Paid app reviews is a good idea?

August 1, 2018

If you are planning to start your own business then the best way to reach the mainstream market is by adopting mobile app in your business. Mobile applications offer convenience of access on-demand to information & solutions. Have a look at some of the benefits of mobile applications:

  • Brand reinforcement
  • Visibility enhancement
  • Acts as a direct marketing channel
  • Connects with ‘on-the-go’ users

So, you have finally made an app and your app is ‘amazing’. But how could the world will know about it? Well, people will use your app only if it has got more positive reviews. It’s a human psychology that you trust only those things that better general perception. Same theory applies to the mobile application as mobile users will try to look for reviews.
You will easily find companies that will offer you paid app reviews. So what does paid reviews mean? Paid app reviews are basically the feedback or reviews provided by the genuine users to your app. The reviewers are real users – If you are an app owner you need genuine feedback, that’s the best way to get more downloads.

Does it really matter?
Yes, paid app reviews really matter a lot. This system benefits both the app owners and app reviewers. Hmm how? The app reviewer gets certain amount (set by the app owner) for reviewing mobile apps, whereas just by spending fewer amount the app owner gets his app on top of mobile app store.
You might be thinking that when you pay someone to write a review he can cheat by posting plagiarised content. That’s not the case, the app owner has the authority to accept or reject the provided review. If the app owner finds the written review suitable, he will accept it without any further delay, and will reject the review if it is spam or irrelevant.
It will take how much time?
As an app owner when you order for mobile app reviews, there’s a certain time limit to it depending upon your required reviews. Suppose, you need 3 reviews, it might be possible that you will get your required app reviews within a day or two. But if your required reviews are 200, then it might take a month. It all depends upon the mobile app reviewers the company has.
Tension free services:
Paid mobile application review service is hassle free. You don’t need to ask your friends and family members to review your mobile application. Just order certain number of reviews, you will be provided the reviews within that certain time period. So, how this system is actually tension free:

  • You don’t need to wait for users to get more downloads.
  • You don’t need to worry for encouraging feedback as you get only positive reviews.
  • Your mobile app store ranking will boost in a lesser time period.
  • You will get an edge over your competitors

I’m ready now where do I find such company?
So, if you have made up your mind to get paid reviews, you just need to search on the internet. Before ordering their services, please do have a look on their client’s testimonials so that you will get an idea of their previous clients. Remember that better reputation means better response; always select the well reputed company.
Summing up:
Don’t worry about the paid app reviews there are more benefits as you might think. Just add your app there the rest work will be done by the team of app reviewers. It’s my suggestion to all the business owners out there to give this service at least once a chance. You won’t be disappointed – Feel free get more downloads, get better app ranking in the mobile app stores and be the ultimate winner!!

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