Important Facts to Know About Bed Bug Heat Treatment

November 8, 2018

Bed bugs are extremely nagging and almost impossible to eliminate without professional assistance. At first, you might want to try yourself by daily washing of bed sheets, vacuuming, and applying chemicals.  However, bed bugs are expert at hiding and are extremely chemical resistant.  Bed bugs are barely visible and crawl on you while you sleep to extract a blood meal.  While this is extremely disturbing and often results in a moderate to severe rash, bed bugs do not cause or transmit severe disease.

  1. Weakness of these annoying parasites –

The good news is that bed bugs can be completed eliminated with the right method, resulting in your bed and surrounding areas being 100 percent bug-free.  Extreme heat is fatal to bed bugs in all life stages.  Introducing the best bed bug heat treatment services offered by the top company is the best way to kill bed bugs.  At temperatures over 120°F bed bugs and their eggs are completely eradicated.

  1. The perfect working procedure –

With professional help, it is possible to get rid of bed bugs at all life stages. The professional bed bug service provider sends experienced technicians with instruments and state of the art electrical heaters designed to eliminate bed bugs. Through extreme heat, the bed bugs are essentially zapped of all moisture and are dried out.  Blowers work to extend the heat to the corners of the rooms.  Just turning up your thermostat won’t generate the necessary heat.  The bed bugs will simply relocate to the cooler areas in your bed and sofa to wait out  the heat storm.

  1. Effectiveness and affordability –

Another important factor you should know is the heat treatment is absolutely effective and the cost is reasonable. The entire eradication can be done in one single treatment within a 12 to 48-hour span depending on the size of your home or business.  Getting the bed bug heat treatment from a leading service provider helps you save time and money with excellent results.

  1. Get your freedom back –

The science of heat treatment is absolutely effective and requires a single treatment. Restore your peace and tranquillity with the right treatment by getting in touch with the heat treatment experts. The treatment is 100 percent safe for your family and pets; and a good night’s sleep is right around the corner.

About the Author:

Dave Kleeb is a former pest control technician. While working for a national company, he realized that extremely chemical resistant bed bugs were being treated with the same protocol as ordinary bugs. Dave watched these costly treatments fail time and time again.  To offer a better alternative, Dave founded Cimex K9 Bug Control using dogs to pin point the source and heat remediation to totally eliminate the bed bugs in one treatment.  Dave’s mission is to ensure his trained and experienced team eradicates bed bugs from your home and guarantees you a bed bug free sleeping zone!

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