Hire a Specialist School Uniform Supplier for Your School

October 5, 2018

School uniforms are a crucial aspect of your educational institution’s dress code. These days, they are not limited only to private schools, as some public schools are considering them, too, for reasons like establishing the school’s brand and identity, and for an easier way to identify students of a certain school. Regardless of your reason for having uniforms made, you need to make sure that you are hiring only a specialist school uniform supplier that will make the service cost-effective in the long run. Here are tips for hiring the right supplier:

Pick a local supplier – It may be cheap to outsource the manufacturing of school uniforms to other countries, but it can be difficult to verify the quality of the customer service and the products. You will have to deal with international shipping rates and possible delays in delivery, too. To save time, effort, and money, consider a school uniform supplier that is based in your country. That way, it will be easier to get in touch with them, and delivery will be much quicker.

Choose an established supplier – Look for a company that is proven reliable by its previous customers. See which schools they have worked with in the past so that you can verify the quality of their work. Reputable suppliers of school uniforms have a good track record of delivering high-quality garments to a lot of schools in your area.

Get a quote – Tell them what you need and design your school uniforms for them to see. Based on your design and fabric of choice, they can give you an estimate. Take note of the minimum number of uniforms you can order from them at a time, and make sure that they can keep the costs consistent, even when you have to order more uniforms in the future.

Ask for free samples – The fabric that you will use for the school uniforms matter. So, consider ordering free fabric samples from the school uniform supplier before you make a decision. Poly Cotton Pique Knit is a hard-wearing fabric, and microfiber is a good choice if you want vibrant colours for your school uniforms. For sports uniforms, consider Cool Dri Sports Plus fabric, which can wick moisture away.

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