Go on a Tibet Motorbike Tour – Make Your Trip to Tibet Memorable

November 12, 2018

If you are planning a trip to Tibet, one thing you must not miss is the Tibet motorbike tour. It will add adventure and fun to your trip and will make it a memorable holiday that you can talk about all your life. The beauty of Tibet is in its adventurous roads, breath-taking vistas and the mountain passes that you can cross in your motorbikes while exploring the beauty of nature. It can give an instant adrenal rush and make your holiday a memory for a lifetime. If you are planning for a trip to Tibet then select the Tibet motorbike tour and trust us, it will be a decision that you are never going to forget.

There are many travel agencies and tour operators in Tibet from where you can book a Tibet motorbike tour. These companies offer various motorbikes out of which 500cc Power-Bullets are the most popular ones. If you know how to ride bikes and you are up for some memorable moments, this is a great chance to give yourself a thrush of adventure.

Tibet has some highly gorgeous snow-capped mountains, adventurous mountain passes and while enjoying the natural splendor, you can also enjoy the off-road experience. There are many Tibet motorbike tour with fixed departures to the fixed destinations, you can book one according to your choice.  The courageous motorbike tour in Tibet gives you a chance to feel the pure delight of freedom. You must hop on to the Tibet motorbike tour that offers you the powerful and excellent motorbike experience while you drive past the serene and sacred Buddhist sites and travel around the world’s highest peak all along the Himalayas.

Taking this enthralling motorbike ride in the high altitudes with the natural backdrop will definitely fulfill your dream and will surely make your holiday in Tibet a tremendous and unforgettable experience. If you want your vacation to be bit different and nostalgic for you compared to rest years then go for Tibet trip and that too for the motorbike tour for a fabulous experience.

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This Article has been written by Dawa Tsering, Managing Director at Tibet Shambhala Adventure. Dawa Tsering, a resident of Lhasa city, has worked 17 years in the Tibetan tourism industry, traveling to every corner of Tibet including the western and eastern Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan, Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Region. He has dedicated a lot to the Tibetan tourism industry especially, adventure trekking, motor biking, mountain biking and Tibetan home stay. He is fluent in Chinese, Tibetan and English. He can tailor you any type of unique Tibet tour and Tibet trekking tour throughout the region.

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