Give an Elegant Finish to Your Floor with Porcelain Pool Pavers

October 5, 2018

Many factors will affect the look and feel of your swimming pool and its deck, but the most important thing lies in your choice of paving material. Porcelain pool pavers are great because they are versatile and come in a wide variety of designs and styles to suit your property’s architecture and design. Porcelain is a cultured stone, which means that it is made of non-stone materials, like ceramics, and it is shaped, textured, and colored in ways that make them seem like they are natural stone, but lighter and more cost-effective. This way, porcelain pavers allow you to achieve an elegant look of a natural stone pool and deck at a fraction of the cost.


Porcelain pool pavers can be alternative materials to natural stone materials like marble or travertine and will not disappoint. They are visually appealing as natural stone, and as long as you purchase them from the right supplier, you can be sure to find the right cuts, styles, shapes, colors, and finishes that will suit your requirements. If you are not sure what type to get, consider ordering free samples from the supplier.


Choosing porcelain pool pavers is not just about the cost and the looks. It can be about the durability and longevity, too. They may be made of ceramic material, but they are surprisingly durable when you get them from discerning suppliers who carefully choose their products based on quality.  Once installed, the pavers will keep serving you for generations to come, even when exposed to regular use, moisture, water, and high amounts of foot traffic. So, you can have as many pool and outdoor parties as you please without worrying about the quality of the pavers deteriorating over time.


You might be surprised to know that porcelain pool pavers can add a layer of safety to your swimming area and deck. Obviously, you would want to prevent slips and falls as much as you can. Porcelain can be finished with a richly textured surface for extra traction to prevent slipping and skidding. The material is minimally porous to ensure faster drying and water draining, too. This means water from the pool will not collect and remain stagnant in the pavers.


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This article is written by Eric Barthelemy, associated with Travertine Warehouse. Travertine Warehouse came into inception in 2003 with the goal of catering the US market with premium quality travertine tiles and stone products at factory direct prices. They are pioneer in providing marble tiles, pavers, copings & other Marble tile products. Travertine Warehouse is presently one of the largest Natural Stone Importers and Distributors in the U.S., with an on-hand inventory of over 4 million sqft of Premium Quality Travertine and Marble available.

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