Ghana, the colors of Africa

December 4, 2018

The smiling and colorful Ghana is a true paradise for backpackers. To cross Ghana is to cross an authentic territory, hardly explored by tourism, although it owns one of the systems of more effective public transport of all West Africa and incredible landscapes to discover.

Cradle of the ancient Asante Empire, in Ghana we can find a variety of traditional crafts, lively and bustling cities, with the presence of the largest market, in size and importance, of all of West Africa, as well as tiny villages in rural and small environments buildings originating from another era.

We found numerous small natural parks, mostly managed by nearby communities. The largest of them, immersed in the savanna, is the Mole National Park, where it is relatively easy to observe elephants and other animals in freedom.

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Ghana was also one of the main ports of exit during the slave market and several places reminiscent of that history impossible to forget. Hardly used to tourism, the Ghanaian population is friendly, curious and welcoming. The pure essence of West Africa.

Africa is full of traditions that never cease to amaze us. But what most strikes us is the way to bury in this continent that does not go unnoticed by anyone. When a person dies, this continues to belong to his family, there are still ties between them. The members of the lineage gather to drink, eat and sing praises to the disappeared, which is a way to prolong their existence in this world.

Those ties, that still patent connection between the deceased and their loved ones, comes from the belief that every child that comes into the world is the bearer of the soul of one of their ancestors. That is, they are referring to reincarnation.

Not all the personality of the deceased reincarnates in his offspring, but only some aspect. For example, among the Ashanti of Ghana, what is reborn in the uterine lineage is the “blood”, while the “masculine principle” is reunited with the ancestors and the “soul” returns to the Creator.

Precisely, moving to Ghana good idea Ghana environment full of worship, practices, and rituals that we foreigners find most fascinating. As we have already seen, the burials here are sacred and the comfort of the deceased is paramount. It is a country where death is celebrated. The act of sending a loved one to the afterlife is an act of happiness and not sadness.

Nor does money matter, but a luxury to make the leap from life to death. That is why made-to-measure coffins are made. They are fantasy coffins that can represent anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything: from chicken coffins to coffins shaped like a mobile phone. They consider that these special coffins say a lot about the deceased person and it is a last gift for the deceased.

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