Energy Conserving Benefits Post Tinting Your Windows at Home

November 3, 2018

Many homeowners need a house tint more than they realise. In fact, most people seek the benefits of tinted windows on the daily in the way that they close blinds to prevent heat or get shade from harmful UV rays, and reduce the sun’s glare as well as when they would turn down their air conditioner to prevent energy bills from getting high, compromising their comfort. If you tick the all these boxes, it may be high time for you to consider investing in residential window tints. A professional window film installation is a small price to pay for the UV protection, energy savings, and the comfort that a home tint brings. Window tints also add aesthetic benefits to the home.

All these said, one of the main reasons why homeowners choose to invest in window films is to increase their home’s energy efficiency. Window tinting in residential settings can have great long-term impact on your energy bill, which can translate to great savings as you protect your home from the excessive heat that comes from solar exposure. Regular, unprotected glass windows reflect much heat from the sun, raising the temperature inside of your home quite dramatically. With a home tint, the specially designed film effectively blocks light and heat so your air conditioning system won’t have to work harder just to keep the home cool. It is estimated that using window films at home can reduce a typical home’s energy consumption by 30 percent.

Another great benefit of using home tint is keeping the climate across different rooms and parts of the house consistent. When heat from more sun-exposed rooms or areas in the home is reduced, the house becomes a lot more temperature consistent, which adds to your family’s comfort. This way, it is easier to dial your thermostat to the ideal setting to create just the right temperature for your comfort. While an “accidental sunroom” might seem like a happy coincidence, these sun-drenched areas can actually affect the energy efficiency and the overall comfort of your home, which is why many people choose home tinting to reduce the heat effects of the sun.

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Ramon Paneda is the sales and marketing manager of L.A. Window Films Philippines. Founded in 2003, L.A. Window Films Philippines is a leading provider and installer of window films in the Philippines boasting more than 10,000 client’s across the nation.

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