Customise Your Own T-Shirt in Your Own Way

October 5, 2018

One-of-a-kind products are always good when you need to establish your organisation’s unique identity or brand, and one of the ways to achieve that is with customised shirts. When you customise your own T-shirt, you are unleashing your creativity to be showcased to people who will see your product. T-shirts are ideal for branding because they can be worn. This means saving money in advertising while boosting your marketing efforts. Think of them as free advertising, especially if your employees or members of your organisation wear them. However, the efficacy of customised T-shirt relies on their design and their quality.

To make custom shirts work in your favour, consider having them made by a seasoned supplier of customised polo shirts and uniforms online. Make sure that they allow you to customise your own T-shirt easily through their website. But before you begin customising your own shirts, think of the reasons why you need or want to make a shirt. That way, you can design it according to your goal. For instance, if you want it for promotional reasons, branding can be your main goal. If it is used to commemorate a special occasion or an event, the design needs to be able to express that.

Once you are ready to customise your own T-shirt, consider colours that can represent your organisation, so people who will see it can easily associate the clothing with your group. Consider colours that are based on your logo, and add a logo or writing on the shirts. Reputable providers of custom T-shirts and uniforms can embroider, screen print, or heat-transfer the logo or writing on the shirts, or use dye sublimation method, depending on the fabric of your preferred shirts.

How or where the shirts will be worn can help you decide which fabric to use when you customise your own T-shirt. Reliable suppliers carry a range of fabrics, such as poly cotton pique knit if you want a hard-wearing shirt, and microfibre if you are looking for vibrant coloured shirts. Cool Dri Sports Plus fabric is great if you are designing shirts for a sporting event or people leading an active lifestyle.

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SSA Shirts is an Australian owned custom clothing company. They specialise in manufacturing premium quality polo shirts, corporate shirts for business events and promotions, clubs, schools and sporting teams. Their experienced in-house designers and pattern makers are expert in providing exceptional comfort and fit shirts with style. All of their products are manufactured in their factories in Australia and Asia.

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