Corner Tubs – A Most Wanted Accessory for Small Bathrooms

September 11, 2018

Space is always a matter of concern for several homes of the present times. However, that should not keep you from owning a bathroom full of the luxuries you are already using or you want now.

While a freestanding tub and walk-in shower seem like great alternatives, they may not be possible when you own a small bathroom area. However, to make it as functional as chic, you can utilize corner Bathtub Singapore for small bathrooms. This feature can save sufficient space so that you utilize the unused area of extra storage or shower.

The corners are not the much-used spaces in any room of the house. However, in terms of the space, small and each inch matters, you manage to put them to decent use. Similar to when a corner kitchen sink can resolve all your issues or a set of corner kitchen cabinets can include worth storage space to the room. The similar way, a corner bathtub can become a decent alternative.

Corner Bathtubs for a Small Bathroom

Corner tubs for little bathrooms can be set from multiple points of view. For example, you can set it along one of the walls. Then again, if it does not fit there, you can put the bath at an edge and utilize the space between the tub as well as the wall junction to put a potted plant, a rack for accessories, such as a towel rack, shampoos, and cleansers, or some different beautiful piece.

You should think about the sort of tub you need. For example, soaking tubs have excessive profundity and less length and can fit splendidly in many corners. If your bathroom has a niche, or regardless of whether it doesn’t have one, an inset tub can be settled flush to a wall in a corner. Tubs for small restrooms can likewise be shower baths, as they offer two in one functionality and can fit in a corner with no any bother.

You can likewise discover distinctively formed bathtubs, which can line up with curved walls on at least one corner. For little washrooms, corner tubs are vital in light of the fact that they add to the atmosphere, however, don’t take up a ton of room, in this way, enabling you to adorn whatever is left of the area with floor lights, wash bowls, mirrors, and so on. You can likewise match the tub with small steps made of stone, wood, or marble.


The corner bath is turning into a famous and reasonable option for a whirlpool bath – it’s a well-known fact that a whirlpool tub can be entirely expensive. Albeit, some best of the range designs is costly, there are less expensive choices out there, which look similarly as smooth as a whirlpool styled bath. The range of corner baths is dazzling, accessible in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit an extensive variety of individual tastes.

In Conclusion

Corner showers are turning into a mainstream feature Bathroom Accessories Singapore. An exceptionally functional choice, corner baths are a perfect space-saving choice and can add a bit of class to any bathroom. At present, there is an extensive variety of corner baths on the market, all ranging in a variety of designs and colors that makes it simple to locate the perfect corner bath to add immediate appeal to your bathroom.

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