September 12, 2018

What is Praline?

Praline is a quite famous dessert and is known to be from the southern part of the world. It is filled with amazingness, as the ingredients include; sugar, corn syrup, milk, butter and pecan halves. It is such a sweet delicacy, which holds a rich history just like its flavors. The origination of praline can be taken way back in time, around the 17th century, and it is said that praline was first made by a chef named Clement Lassagne, who has been known to have worked with French diplomat.

The original recipe of praline introduced by Chef Lassagne, just consisted of almonds, without any pecans and lastly topped with caramel coating. Now after passing all the centuries, praline still holds the same regard. Although in Europe, the original praline changed into something which is completely different from the southern recipe we adore currently. In other countries like France and Belgium, the recipe of this dessert is offered with ground nuts and cocoa, rather than the usual halved nut.

The typical recipe of praline, around the world, includes pecan halves, sugar, cream and creamy butter. Although the ingredients are the same, but as you all know that people have different likings depending on their taste, well in this case as well it seems to be the deciding factor about how much percentage of each item will be added in praline. A good example of this would be, that there are some recipes in which brown sugar and white sugar, both are compensated at a balanced level, while the others simply go for a white sugar recipe along with some corn syrup. People buy praline for what it is.

As stated above as well that the recipe of praline which first originated, included almonds in it. Well, it seems to be a bit surprising that almonds were not easily available in the south, during the middle of the 1700s. For this problem, the solution turned out to be pecan trees, which were found in Louisiana, Texas, and Georgia along with other places in the southern area, it offered people the same level of deliciousness. Pecan leaves proved to be a perfect substitute for almonds at that point since they were difficult to find. Even back then praline’s popularity was increasing day after day, and the cool thing is that it has still maintained its standards in this era of extreme competition.

All this amazingness should not just be a onetime experience; in fact, it has successfully made its way into all the special events which take place in the lives of people. So go and buy praline, and it will definitely make your event even special.

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