5 Clear Signs You Are a Victim of Long Distance Cheating

December 5, 2018

Since both of you live far away because of the long distance relationship, it’s really difficult to tell when they’re being honest, or if their continuous delays are actually a matter of concern. So before the bad turns into the worst, here are five clear long distance relationship cheating signs to notice and find out if your partner is tricking you!

Let’s get started:

1:- He/She is Always Busy Now.

We understand long distance relationships suffer from this issue, but if things change all of a sudden and too often – there’s a reason to doubt. It seems as if you’re trying to make time to visit or talk to your partner whenever possible, but they appear to have something more important going on. One partner may be excessively caught up with something, making it impossible to spend quality time with their special someone. Or it might be that they have different plans excluding their partner.

Obviously, it is possible that your long distance partner is actually busy, and some missed calls and texts don’t always mean long distance cheating, yet whether this is flakiness or disloyalty, it does need to be discussed.

2:- There’s No or Least Communication.

Given the relationship is a distant one, it’s evident that you won’t be always together. However, your partner could be up to something suspicious if they start avoiding even the regular communication. When you used to check in with one another intermittently throughout the day, and that has all of a sudden stopped, it may be worth finding out if your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating in a long distance relationship.

When your partner changes, he/she begins changing the everyday practice and giving excuses for everything they do – less calls, less dates, and everything else that you two enjoyed earlier.

3:- He/She’s Spending Time With New Friends Who You Don’t Know About.

When your partner has moved to another place, he/she will make new friends and new bonds. This is completely acceptable as neither of you can live far apart alone. Having friends close by is good and even better; however, when they’re continually out to hangout with some new friends you don’t even know about, that may be cause for worry. If they hesitate or try to hide the details from you about the people they meet or how often, get this red sign in your head and act fast.

4:- Whenever You Ask, He/She Gets Mad or Angry.

There are times when any of you can get upset and show anger; however, make sure the situation does not persist every time you try to interfere a bit in their personal life. If you choose to go up against your partner about their changed behavior, willing to sort things out, and they get furious and irritated every time – that is not a positive sign. Especially when you face them about their absence in the relationship, and they get mad, you may have serious issues.


5:- No Plans to Meet Anytime Soon.

Most couples in LDRs have a long-term plan to meet, and perhaps live in together later. In reality, the long distance thing is impermanent. If your partner does not show any keen interest in making futuristic plans with you anymore, they may have lost the interest for the relationship or you. And again, that doesn’t need to mean long distance cheating, yet it certainly is a threat to your bond.

So these are the five clear signs you shouldn’t ignore to find if your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating in a long distance relationship. You can get more useful advice on LDRs and related stuff at Modern Love Long Distance.

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